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Karisimbi Start up - Distributer Start up bundle with 40% OFF

Sale price £296.20 Regular price £497.00

Karisimbi Start up pack is our Distributer's bundle of Hair and skincare products it contains the MASSIVE DISCOUNT OF 40%. That is 40% off our retail prices for 2 weeks.


Reduction :  - £198.80 (40% Discount)

Full price   :    £497.00

Final price :    £296.20

Products included: (Soaps) 4 Gentle, 4 Calendula, 4 Delight, 4 Cappuccino, 4 Black river, 4 Moringa, 4 Hybrid- (Shampoings) 4 Herbal, 4 Moringa, 2 Black river- 2 Kitiko Serum, 2 Hair Serum, 1 Hot Oil, Souffle/Fula 1x(150ml) et 4x(70ml), Shea Light 1x(150ml) et 4x(70ml), Sweet Orange 1x(150ml) et 4x(70ml), 2 Heel Toe, 2 Gentle Touch

Number of products: 62 products included in total with a Massive 40% Discount.



    Fun fact: This pack is called Karisimbi after the fifth Tallest mountain in Africa. The mount Karisimbi is 4,507m above sea level can be found on the border between DRCongo, Rwanda. It gives view over the magnificient landscape of DRC, Uganda and Rwanda.

    Photo from : https://www.ugandasafaristours.com/blog/mountain-karisimbi-highest-virungas.html