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Collection: “Before I met you

Posted by Hermine Makangu on

Collection: “Before I met you”


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Once upon a time there was a group that met in the recycling pile and together found a new purpose.
Meet Jeannie
Jeannie was a pair of Jeans that no longer fitted, Flower was a left over fabric
Oba was a Boa Scarf famous for her Hen parties. Together they found a new purpose, they came to the recycling Jewellery Making classes.
They chose to be up-cycled for a better world. Their new journey is to find a new home and make you smile.
“Before I met you” is the story of how Jeannie, Oba and Flower, Jewellery made from recycled material, found their new purpose. They want to make you smile and remind you how awesome and unique you are.
Mbikudi is a social enterprise, established to empower women. We offer up cycling jewellery workshops.
Contact info: info@mbikudi.co.uk mbikudi@gmail.com
Official website: www.mbikudi.co.uk
Jewellery can be purchased: www.katiopa.org